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I do web design. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive, just web sites designed for the ordinary person that are easy to read and navigate. I have had a minimal amount of formal training, make no claims to a long list of credits and I won't charge you your first born. Although if you live close and have a handy teenager, perhaps we can barter for some yard work, brush clearing, house cleaning or something like that!

Basic Starter Rate

$350 for 3 linked pages, which will include a domain host and name, uploading of photos and text. $25 an hour for changes after the original setup. If shopping carts are required, there will be additional time involved and subsequently charges for that. [There will be approx. $100 a year for renewal of name & host.] Email me at with questions and concerns. No charge for time spent talking and working out an agreement!


EXAMPLES: To see some of my work, click on any of these links

Homestead Store [multiple links to check and view on this one]

Bellybutton Bears Woodshop Wonders One of a Kind Gift Brainstorms Extraordinaire

Denise Fields

Rogue River OR 97537

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