Quilts, Pillows  and More!!

( Formerly Lexy’s Lovlies)










Pillows, bags and quilts too.

These are all examples of things I make.

Prices vary.

I love sewing!

My grandma tought me how to sew.

I started with pillows but now I do quilts too!

I am 9 years old and I love to knit and read also.

I do all af the sewing except the hand sewing.

You can send me fabrics/photos to use or I can use fabrics we have in stash.

For more information or to ask questions Email (The Email is through my grandma.) me at bellybuttonbears@charter.net


Pillows $15

Quilts $35

Bags $20

Added Photos $5


I also help my grandma make Bears.









I made this pillow for a cousin out of a hoodie.And this other one.

I made this quilt and sold it!

I call it the Rustic Horse quilt.







I made these pillows for a cousin.


I made this pillow for my Great Grandma when I was about 6 or 7 years old out of scraps from a quilt my grandma made her.



I made this for my cousin. It was fun to pick out the colors and making the letter J on it.






Contact me at bellybuttonbears@charter.net for more info.






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