These are VESTED Memory Teddy Bears

-- but it isn't the vest that is special, it's what's ON the vest. We will add a photo and a name and dates, favorite saying, quote you choose.....just let us know! Wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, special occasion, new baby.... You could opt for words on both sides, pictures on both sides, it is YOUR choice.

Look at our samples, and let YOUR imagination work! Imagine a picture of Grandpa on a bear made from one of his for each grandchild perhaps. Give a picture of yourself to a loved one, on a bear made from a favorite color fabric, or showing a favorite hobby.

Vests are $5.95, 16" bears are $69.95. Not sure if we can do it? Just email us at

You already have a teddy bear but would like a memory vest? We can do that too. Stand alone vests are $10 and the back can be made from fabric you send us or something from our stash. We provide the material for the photo or memory portion.

Email us at
or call 1-888-229-7873

[We have a lot of bears, but we don't bite!!]


What can we add besides vests and photos? Hearts!

You can choose a plain heart, or a mesh one that can have a lock of hair or trinket enclosed. Small pieces of jewelry? Any little keepsake can be enclosed within the heart.

This 16" bear has no photo, but a floral bouquet on one side and the words "Memories are made of friends and family."

This 12" bear [not for sale] has a picture of great grandparents on one side and "Guardian Angels Have Help" on the other.

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 [16" Memory Teddy Bears are $69.95]

To ADD a memory vest to your bear, just email your information, make the request on the phone, or put information in with the items you ship. Vests are $5.95.

If we have questions about your choices, making arrangements to get the correct photo and other information, we will call or email.

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