Memory Quilts
by Bellybutton Bears

A bit about Types or kinds, Pricing etc



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Memory (photo) quilts                    Themed quilts





I had been making memory bears for over 25 years (and that is another story!) Then I began

quilting, did several for family and soon was making them for customers.  Family ones were
special in color etc for each sister, and they included photos from our childhood in
Alaska with
and others more recent from a trip we took.  Each photo had special meaning to either all of us
or the sister I made the quilt for. 
That is the basic premise of each creation...that the photos or the fabric used, or both, be
important/meaningful to the person it is for. 
I've done several Tshirt quilts for folks as well.  The T's were either given them by family members
[special] or reflected things they had done, events attended, places traveled...also special. 
Those did not include any photos


I make several different types of quilts and [as with my bears] only have a few things

I won't tackle. Just don't have the space to do larger than a twin bed size, and most

are smaller than that. I don't handstitch in true old fashioned quilting style, doing all

of the sewing with my machine. Just a regular sewing machine, not a quilting machine

although I love the work done on them.

Applique is not my favorite but you will see examples of that also in the photo album.

Little bitty pieces, not doing them either, such as tiny diamonds and triangles. Others

do a much better job with those. I am much more of a non-traditional quilter, focusing

more on individual memories or themes.

** All are backed with fleece for a nice comfy, and yet not too heavy, feel.


This is the basic starting info, and each project is discussed individually because really

no two are exactly the same. This will however give a starting point for planning!


Base starting price for a photo quilt is $150 plus $5 per photo. They are approximately 5 foot by 5 foot [60" x 60"].

** Tshirt quilts are $150 for the same approximate size and I back each 12" square with light muslin or similar to help stabilize

the stretchiness of the T's. Some knit is way more stretchy than others and this way they will all "play" together fairly well

without too much trouble.

** Themed quilts of the same general size will begin the same as the photo/memory quilts.

** Shipping is figured when the project is complete and dependent on weight/bulk of the finished item.**


Tshirt Quilts:

Basic Tshirt quilt will have 25 squares. I cut 12 1/2" squares from the front of the T's
[or back if that is where the design is] and if there are not 25 "designs" available,
they will be alternated with solid squares from the plain part of the T's. As stated above,
I attach each to a square of muslin or similar non stretchy fabric to stabilize them and counteract
the varied stretch of the T's. I have also include a square or two of a woven shirt with the pocket
on a couple I have made. They were special to the customer, and provided a place for a note
or other momento.


Memory Quilts:

The photos, just like on the bears, are printed on fabric and can be washed.  They can be
up to ... 8 x 10 " in size, although not all photos print clearly then.  Basically I will print them as
large as I can without losing the clarity, [or sometimes even if they will get bigger, keep them
at a somewhat 'standard' size for the quilt blocks].

If there are special fabrics someone wants included, I can do that. Usually we would talk about
what kinds of materials. So far the photo quilts I have done, I provided all the fabric but requested
a 'list' from the customer of the recipients favorite color, favorite things or hobbies [flowers,
beaches, cooking, whatever!] and then go through my stash to put it all together.

A memory quilt could also include fabric from clothing, linens, other treasured items.


Themed Quilts:

These would be much like the Memory quilts, only without photos. Cycling, for instance.
Bears, farming, herbs, rocks, landscapes, hobbies. The possibilities are probably endless. They

could also include some treasured fiber items...or be totally from my 'stash'.


Ask Questions!

Always ask, you should have questions for me, and I will for you.  Wondering if something can be included, a pocket added, more photos….ASK!



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