Bear stories

As many of you know, way back when, we began offering "The Bellybutton Legend"

aka 'what's with the bellybutton?' or 'how did the bear get its bellybutton'

We will continue to offer that book, albeit in different binding, to all bear lovers. Fun read and great gift, you can't go wrong! [Note that covers WILL vary but always have bears!]

This year we debut our new series Bellybutton Bears in History


See excerpt or call to order your copy!

Half the wagons were across when the trouble hit. One of the oxen lurched, a spoke caught on a submerged deadfall and the wagon went over. A woman's scream brought all eyes to the water. Two small heads bobbed in the current below the crossing.



These are original stories written by Denise Fields, your bear creator.
Each will be printed, assembled and hand bound in our workroom, then autographed by the author.

 Denise Fields/Bellybutton Bears LLC
10299 E Evans Creek Road
Rogue River OR 97537


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